A Nun And An OfficerMostar Bridge

A Nun And An Officer

an adapted screenplay by Jim Stablein
based on the true story by Radmila Johnson

A Nun and an Officer is the compelling true drama of love and tragedy set against the backdrop of war in the Balkans.

With World War II looming on the horizon, a young Croatian nun rides a train home and finds herself bound by family duty to accompany her father on a smuggling mission through the rugged Dinaric Alps of Bosnia-Herzegovina. On the train she discovers love in an unlikely person: an aristocratic Serbian officer.

But both tragedy and a child are in store for her. She struggles to survive through four years of war and infighting between ethnic groups and the communist partisans who gave birth to postwar Yugoslavia. While she loses most of what is dear to her, the mother and her child persevere.

This is a moving story of love, faith, and miracles.


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